Offline Files Cause Networked Programs to Not Work

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Your network may use a feature called “Offline Files”.   This allows you quicker access to files and protects against data loss.  One problem with this feature is if you temporarily, even for a split second, get disconnected, offline files puts you offline from the server.  It does this to protect the data.  When this happens it causes other problems, but it’s easy for you to fix.

If you ever experience any of the following:

  • Certain folders are blank where you had many files
  • Outlook (email) isn’t connecting to the Exchange Server
  • Applications like Accucare, Millennium, Jupiter, Quickbooks can’t connect

It could be that the offline files disconnected you.  What you should do is look at the bottom right corner of your computer screen by the clock for an icon like this

If you hover your mouse over it you will see this

Or if might pop up a balloon when it happens like this

To fix the problem double click the icon which will pop up this window.

Don’t worry that is says “Unavailable for reconnect”.  Just click ok and it will sync.  This should correct the problem.